Introducing The Best Portable Generators

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Best Honeywell Generators

Best Honeywell GeneratorsUnder a licensing agreement established in 2011, Honeywell generators are made by Generac Power Systems. This is why there is an uncanny resemblance between Generac and Honeywell portable and standby generators. They are basically one-and-the-same.

So which should you get? Think about this: Generac has to pay Honeywell to use Honeywell’s name. Then Generac has to make the generator. Under their own brand name they just have to make the generator. There has to be one of three things happening then… Either:

  1. Generac charges more for the Honeywell gensets to make up for the licensing cost.
  2. Generac saves money when making the Honeywell gensets by cutting costs in some areas of manufacture or marketing.
  3. Or Generac doesn’t make much money off the Honeywell gensets.

My guess is it’s a little bit of each, but mainly #2. They don’t need to market Honeywell because it’s already a well-known brand.

So which should you get? Find the style and type of Honeywell generator you want. Then see if the comparable Generac is more affordable. If it is – get it.

Honeywell Generators In The Wild

Here are 4 pictures of some of the Honeywell generators on the market. Why include these? Because it’s always good to see how other people use them.

Best Honeywell Generators In The Wild

Now let’s take a look at the best Honeywell generators for most people.

Best Honeywell Generators

Quietest and Most Portable – Inverter Style

1) Honeywell 6066 2,000 Running Watts Inverter

Honeywell 6066 2000 Watt Inverter GeneratorThe best Honeywell for most people is the 2,000 running watts inverter. It’s perfect to take camping, power your tailgate party and use to keep your basement dry in case your sump pump loses power.

It is designed to carry like a briefcase and at 50 pounds it is no heavier than a 6 gallon (~23L) water jug. It has a 1 gallon fuel tank that is enough to provide 1,100 watts power for 5 hours.

If you plan to use this around the home during a power outage expect it to power your refrigerator, a fan, your TV, the satellite dish and charge 2 cellphones for close to 5 hours. Not bad for a quiet portable generator that won’t break the bank (compared to Honda or Yamaha).

Affordable – Conventional Style

1) Honeywell 6037 5,500 Running Watts Conventional Generator

Honeywell 6037 5500 Watt Portable GeneratorIf you need more power than the Honeywell inverter can offer then this conventional genset is your best bet. It offers you more than double the power but is only ~45% more money.

It’s most widely used as a home backup generator in case of emergency. You can keep your basement dry by having power for your sump pump power, the food in the fridge cold by keeping the fridge running, stay warm or cool by having AC or heater power, and more things… With 5,500 running watts you will definitely stay comfortable when needed.

With the 5.8 gallon fuel tank you can take advantage of 50% the generator power for a little more than 9 hours. This is perfect for keeping the fridge and sump pump going over night without having to get up and refuel. Be sure to check out the full specs and features.


  1. The official Honeywell generators website was reviewed to be sure of the generators specifications.