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Best Honda Generators For Sale

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Honda makes more money from power equipment products than any other company in the world. $2.5 billion in 2014.

The numbers prove Honda is one of the most trusted power equipment brands in the world.

I trust them too. Here’s why.

I first started up our red Honda mower when I was 11. Mowing the lawn was fun for me. That house had 2 basketball courts worth of lawn. It took an hour to mow. And the grass catcher bag had to be emptied 3 times. I mowed the lawn every 2 – 3 weeks from May – Sept. Nearly 20 years later my parents still own and use that mower.

They make good cars too. My first 3 cars were Honda Civics. First one I bought for $3k when I was 17. It was light blue. The second was red and had a much better sound system. I crashed that one on the way to university – it was raining and I was tailgating (no injuries). My third was teal green. I sold it when I moved town because my job provided a work truck. But yeah, those cars never once failed me.

Do you have Honda experience?

There’s no doubt Honda is one of the most well known brands in the world. Up there with McDonalds, Coca Cola and Nike. Forbes ranks Honda #23 in brand value.

There’s a lot of people out there with Honda experience. And trust in Honda. Here are 5 reasons why.

5 Benefits of Honda Generators

1) There are tons of Honda mechanics around (in case).

Small engine mechanics can fix any type of small engine. Yes, this is true. But there are tons that have become familiar with Honda small engines that they specialize. You can rest easy knowing that no matter how isolated your town is there will always be a Honda expert close by.

2) You trust it to start even if you haven’t used it in months.

You plan a camping trip. You round up a few friends. You throw your Honda generator in the back of the truck. You drive for a few hours to your favorite spot on the edge of the secluded lake. You set up camp. Now at this point you remember you haven’t started the generator in months. You start to worry. Then you remember. It’s a Honda. One pull of the recoil and it starts up. Phew.

Honda makes dependable engines so you can head to remote areas and not have to pull out the tools to get your Honda genset going.

3) You know the maintenance schedule in the manual is right.

There are 100 million Honda small engines in circulation. With that much testing and feedback you can rest easy knowing if you follow the maintenance schedule you are doing it right.

4) Rest easy knowing you’re complying with highest emission standards. 

All Honda generators are EPA and CARB approved. That means you can use them in California and all National Parks and forests.

5) You get a Honda 3 year warranty.

All Honda generators come with a 36 month limited warranty. If your genset has problems due to manufacturer

Honda Generator Working

Here are 4 pictures of people using their Honda inverter generator.

Best Honda Inverter Generator EU2000i Images

You can use the Honda inverter genset wherever you want. It is light, quiet and compact to make it as easy as packing your cooler.

Best Honda Generators For Sale

Inverter – Honda EU2000i

Honda EU2000i Portable Inverter GensetThe best Honda generator for most people is their inverter generator because it is the perfect companion when exploring the outdoors.

It offers clean, distortion free power so you can provide power to your sensitive electronics without damaging them. So ham radio operators, multi-speed power tools, laptops are all safe to plug in to this generator.

If your main buying criteria is portable, quiet and dependable then this is a top option. Check out the current price and manufacturer listing on Amazon at the link.

More Honda Generator Options

Honda also make conventional generators for around the home for professionals who need a generator for work. They range in size from 4,000 Watts to 10,000 Watts and are pretty expensive.

Also many other generator brands decide to use Honda engines in their generators. Briggs & Stratton and Honda provide the most small engines for use in other brands’ power equipment. So if you want a Honda engine but don’t need the entire machine to be Honda brand then look for portable generators with Honda engines only.


  1. Honda’s product page for the EU2000i has more images and listed benefits and also a link to the User Manual which I read. There’s also a few How-to videos.
  2. Honda listing on PowerEquipmentDirect has a a good Q & A section with 14 questions answered. These were informative and useful to read when researching the best Honda generators for sale.