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Best Generac Generator

Best Generac Generators Intro ImageMore people search for “Generac generators” in Google than for Kohler and Champion generators combined. And this is for good reason. Generac is the market leader with a proven track record.

Generac took the lead when they first introduced an affordable unit for residential use in 1959. Since then they have remained focused. This focus allows them to stay relatively small, and yet continually innovate and lead.

In 2014, Generac sold $722M of portable generators, power washers and water pumps. Honda Power Products Division only did 3x that. Only? Well yeah: In that number for Honda includes lawn mowers, tillers, blowers, boat engines, hedge trimmers, snow throwers and small engines that other companies purchase for use in their power equipment. When it comes to just generators – Generac stands alone.

How does Generac compete with the likes of Honda, Yamaha and Subaru when they have a fraction of the employees? Well let’s take a look how they maintain their lead in the generator sector despite having only 3,587 total employees.

Why Generac Power Systems?

Happy Employees Do Better Work

Generac Power Systems is a great place to work. Generac was one of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces in Wisconsin in 2012 and 2014. This is based on an employee rating survey.

Why is this important?

It’s important because a great workplace means happy emplyoees means good work gets done. Would you rather buy a generator from an assembly line where the workers aren’t paying attention or where they love their job and take pride in producing the best product?

In House Manufacturing

Generac designs and makes their engines and generators in house in 11 different manufacturing facilities across the US, Mexico, Brazil and Italy. This keeps their product quality high and risk of damage during transport low.

Purpose Built Engines

Generac designs their engines for use in Generators. They don’t make boat engines or log splitter engines. They make generator engines. This focus allows them to make improvements that other companies can’t or don’t bother to. It allows them to innovate at a quicker pace.

Pioneer / Innovator

Generac was the first company to offer affordable home generators. They take pride in that fact and they continue to push forward in an effort to dominate the generator field. They claim to “own” 80% of the home-based standby generator market in the US. They recently acquired a lighting tower company. They have an eye on the future.

Generac Generators In The Wild

Generac generator  are used for all types of purposes. From general use around the home during a power outage to being directly connected to your home’s electric distribution board.

Best Generac Generators Image

Best Generac Portable Generators

1) Generac 5943 GP7500E 7,500 Run Watts

Generac 5943 GP7500E Portable Conventional GensetPicking the best portable generator for most people by Generac must take into account that most people want an affordable generator that has a decent amount of power.

And that is what the GP7500E is. It offers you affordable power so that next time there is power out you have enough juice for the fridge, heater/AC, lights and more.

It has 12 hours runtime at 50% load off 7.5 gallons. It weights 191 pounds and has a 2 year residential limited warranty.

2) GP17500E 17,500 Running Watts

Generac 5735 GP17500E Large Portable GeneratorThe biggest portable genset on the market is made by Generac and offers you 17,500 running watts. Most people hook it in to their home electric distribution and never worry about the power going out.

How would you use 17,500 watts? The beauty of this generator is you can take it with you. You see it has wheels and a handle so if you have a cabin you can unhook it and take it with you to the cabin. There, you can power the fridge, AC, lights and whatever else you desire.

The run time is 10 hours at 50% load and it weighs 390 pounds.

Best Standby Generac Generator For Most People

Generac 6551 22kW with 200-Amp Transfer Switch

Generac is actually a standby generator company. They have a wider range of standby generators for residential, commercial and industrial purposes than they have portable gensets.

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