Introducing The Best Portable Generators

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Best DuroMax Portable Generators

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DuroMax generators are the most popular conventional generators on Why?

Because DuroMax generators are half the price of Honda, Yamaha and Generac. How is this possible?

Pretty simple. DuroMax has a tiny marketing cost – they don’t sponsor race cars or advertise during the Superbowl. And they’re a factory outlet – meaning they do their own shipping direct to you. And their product is 100% made in China – this is not a bad thing – Champion and Westinghouse have their gensets made in China and they’re highly praised (as are DuroMax).

Best DuroMax Generators For Most People

1) DuroMax XP4400E 3,500 Running Watts

DuroMax XP4400 Powered Portable GeneratorThe best DuroMax portable generator is the 3,500 running watts XP4400E. Why is it the best? It’s the best because of value for money. It’s very affordable. I was at Home Depot the other day and saw a similar specs generator for $900. So yeah – a bargain from DuroMax.

Ashok from Southern Louisiana bought this machine back in 2009. And is still using it when the power goes out for the fridge, small AC, a few lights, to charge phones and the TV.

If you’re looking to save money but still get a dependable generator then this option from DuroMax is a great option. Click the link below and take a look at the manufacturers full description.

Propane Powered

2) DuroMax 10000EH 8,000 Run Watts Duel Fuel Propane/Gas Portable Generator

Best Duromax Propane Generator XP10000EHDuroMax makes a popular 8,000 running watts duel fuel (propane/gas) portable generator that might better suit your needs.

With the option to use propane you can forget the long lines at the gas station after a hurricane and simply grab your BBQ propane tank.

To switch from gas to propane you just hook up the propane line to the tank and turn the value – no different than the BBQ. With it you can expect a runtime of 10+ hours at half load.

Video About The Duel Fuel DuroMax

Watch this 3 minute video from the guys at Generator Factory Outlet to walk around the DuroMax 10000EH. You’ll also see the exact outlets you get, a talk about how to switch from gas to propane and the advantages of having this genset in a hurricane situation.

Why Buy a DuroMax Brand Genset?

DuroMax doesn’t have a strong brand name – at least compared to Yamaha, Honda and Generac. Here’s why: they don’t spend millions on marketing.

Instead, they save millions and use it to make their generators less money. They depend on rave reviews and word of mouth to do their marketing for them. And if you look around the internet you’ll see they are the most popular on sites like Amazon in the portable generators category.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why DuroMax is a good option.

  1. Low Price. Who doesn’t like to spend less money? The thing with DuroMax is they are some of the best generators but not nearly the most expensive.
  2. EPA Approved For Use in Nationall Parks. Most of the DuroMax generators can be used in National Parks because they have spark arrestor. If you live in California be sure to buy a CARB compliant model.
  3. High Customer Rating. Across the internet on all review sites and genset purchasing sites DuroMax has positive ratings – sometimes as high has 4.8 out of 5 from 100s of customers.


The reason you should get DuroMax instead of Generac or Honda is to save money. You spend half the money and still get a top notch generator.

There’s 100s of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon that have been updated regularly since 2008. The generators are still working fine with only minor issues like flat tires and the regular engine maintenance being a tad awkward.

The generator comes with a 30-day refund period (in case shipping damage) and a 1-year parts warranty. So if you’re looking to save money on your generator purchase check out the current price on Amazon at the link.


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