Introducing The Best Portable Generators

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Best Champion Power Equipment Generator

Best Champion Genset Intro Image

Here’s Champion’s tagline: “Many Pretenders, Some Contenders, One Champion”

It sounds stupid. You already know what ‘champion’ means.

This sounds equally redundant, don’t you think: “Many teams didn’t make the playoffs, some teams made the playoffs, one team won the playoffs.”

Anyways, it doesn’t matter because Champion isn’t writing you an advertisement. They’re making you a generator. And they do that well. Really well.

Here are 3 reasons 2.5 million people have bought Champion generators since 2003.

Why Buy Champion Power Equipment?

In House Engine Design

Champion Power Equipment opened their own research and development facility to design and engineer better engine technology. This is a large reason they can offer much more affordable generators than Honda and Yamaha… They specifically engineer their engines in-house and are able to optimize to their specifications. Many others would just go and insert a Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine into their generator.

Top Value For The Money

For comparable power Champion offer some of the most competitive prices on the market. A large reason they can do this is because they have a partnership in China who completes much of the manufacturing.

Customer Service

Champion does all their own customer service. They do not farm it out to third party organizations. This is huge because when you call or email you quickly talk to a Champion technician or sales expert to help solve your issue.

Champion Gensets In Use

Best Champion Inverter Generator

Champion Inverter 75531i 2,800 Run Watts

Champion 75531i Portable Inverter GeneratorThe best inverter genset by Champion is their new 2,800 running watts machine pictured right. This is a popular generator with RVs because it has enough power for the window AC.

Do you tailgate or take your generator to the park or camping? It’s a great generator for that because it is quiet. If you run an extension and keep it 23 feet away it will be sound like your fridge does standing next to it.

How long do you intend do use it at one go? This thing has a runtime of 8 hours at 1/4 load. That means you can power a fridge for 8 hours.

Best Small Size Champion Conventional Generator

Champion 42436 Conventional 1,200 Run Watts

Champion 42436 1200 running watts portable generatorChampion makes conventional generators up to 7,500 run watts. Their smallest is this one. It has 1 AC outlet (can plug in power board) and can last up to 10 hours at 50% load.

Weighing in around 60 pounds it is still heavier than the briefcase inverter gensets but is a fraction of the cost.

So if your power needs are minimal and don’t want to spend any more than you have to you’re looking at one of the most affordable generators on the market.


  1. The Champion Power Equipment Manual PDF for the inverter generator was useful and also the product page.