Introducing The Best Portable Generators

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Best Small Size 2000 Watt Conventional Generator

On this page we’ll take a look at the best small size conventional generator. Small size is anything less than 2 kW by our definition. 

Small Gensets Image CTAMy uncle loves his little 800 W conventional-style Honda generator. He uses it at camp while hunting. His main use is for AC power in the camper and for charging the camper battery. He was telling me he loves how portable and compact it is but would love one double the power – around 1600 W.

Price wasn’t that important – he simply loves Honda.

His main concern was the wattage the generator provided.

What’s most important to you? Is it:

  • It needs to be great value for the money?
  • It needs to be small and light?
  • It needs to be a certain brand?
  • It needs to provide at least 1500 W of power?

To pick the best 2 small size conventional generator we’ve taken all the options into account and will explain in detail why each is chosen below.

What can a small size portable generator power?

Small size generators are most often seen on the go. They are for you if you want to take it with you camping, to the park, to the lake, tailgating and more. They are the definition of portable power.

Here’s some typical electric appliance that are less than 2000 W to give you an idea what you can power:

  • 25 W – Cell phone charger
  • 100 W – DVD player.
  • 175 W – Inflator pump.
  • 500 W – Halogen light.
  • 575 W – 1/4 hp water pump.
  • 625 W – Small microwave.
  • 850 W – Toaster.
  • 1300 W – Coffee maker.
  • 1350 W (Startup Watts) – Fridge (only requires around 600 W running watts).
  • 1500 W – Space heater.

This is of course just a general guide and you should ensure you read the labels of each device before you plug it in to your generator.

Best Small Size Generator

1.) WEN 1500 Running Watts (1800 Surge) Portable Generator

WEN 56180 1500 running watts portable generatorThe best small size generator for most people is this one by WEN. WEN is power tools company founded in 1951 that has sold over 50 million units. This is their best small size generator because it offers extraordinary value for money.

It weighs 50 pounds and is around the size of a microwave so it should be easy to get in and out of the car. It has 2 standard AC outlets and DC cigarette style outlets so you can use it for multiple things at once. Easily charge your phone with a cigarette plugin adaptor, have it powering the coffee maker and also a fan to keep you cool on a hot summer morning…

It can run for nearly 8 hours at half load off 1 tank of gas, which is enough to take care of business for a picnic or tailgate party but you’ll need to take a jerry can for a camping weekend. If you want to see the current price and more details click the link below.

Another Great Option That is More Affordable and Has Longer Runtime

2.) All Power America 1400 Running Watts (2000 Surge) Portable Generator

All Power America APG3014 Small Size GeneratorHere’s another great small size portable generator that is also a great option. It is less than the WEN above and only 100 less running watts. It also run for about an hour longer than the WEN (at 50% load) off 15% less fuel – not bad.

So why wasn’t this All Power America generator rated #1 you may ask? Here’s why: It isn’t CARB approved so you can’t buy it if you live in California and it is overall rated lower than the WEN in Amazon reviews (still rated well just not as high).

Want More Power?

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