Introducing The Best Portable Generators

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About Genset Reviews

Here’s What Genset Reviews Is All About

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a portable generator but don’t know which one is best for your needs. On you will learn:

  • The best inverter generator of each size.
  • The best conventional genset of each size and fuel type.
  • The best professional generators for daily-all-day use.
  • The reason to buy the different styles of generator depending on your needs.

Where To Start?

If you’re after the most affordable generator and not too fused about noise level you should start on the conventional genset hub page. It will guide you to your perfect size and fuel type.

If you’re main buying criteria is noise then start on the inverter generator page.

If you just want to see the best of all the options then start on the best gensets page.

Who Started This Website?

Hi there — I’m a mechanical engineer who runs construction and refurbishment projects in remote areas. All power onsite comes from gasoline and diesel gensets. They’re usually 30kW, and we have 1-3 depending on the job. Over the last 6 years I’ve seen a ton of generators and decided to buy a generator online for my dad (online because we live in different cities and I wanted it to arrive at his front door as a surprise)…

… So as I started searching for the types of gensets you could buy online I quickly realized these generators were much different from the ones I was used to. After doing a bunch of research and buying my dad an inverter I decided to start this website to learn more about the residential style generators that are more common outside of heavy industry. And was born.

I hope it helps you out. It’s more like a catalog of just the best ones since there really is no point wasting your time with the bad ones.

Here’s me a few years ago at a large generator in Cape Lambert, Australia: